Wednesday, January 02, 2008

But For This

Would Ben Have Left The Island To Get Surgery?

In Not in Portland Jack asks Tom why Ben didn't go have surgery if they can leave the Island? Tom starts to answer "Since the sky turned purple," and I assume he was going to say that since Desmond turned the key they had lost the ability to get back because the sonar buoy was no longer working. But I figure Ben is the one responsible for that with Greta and Bonnie in The Looking Glass.

So if two days after he was diagnosed with a spinal tumor a spinal surgeon hadn't fallen out of the sky, would he have sought treatment in the real world (like Canada maybe?) Or was he just screwed? I'm choosing screwed.


hatchling23 said...

What kind of health plan do the others have? HMO or PPO, I mean since their doctor (Ethan) is dead it's gotta be a long trip to the ER.

Seriously though, Locke asked Ben that question in Ben's room when Ben was questioning Locke about his legs.

Locke asked, "come to think of it, how did you even get sick in the first place?"

I don't think Ben would have left the island. I think he would be too paranoid about losing control.

maven said...

I also think Ben has no intention of ever leaving the matter what. He probably thought that Jacob would come through for him and cure him. Maybe he thought he angered the island somehow and he would get back in it's good graces. Then 815 came.

capcom said...

Interesting point about Ben not wanting to lose control if he left the island to get treatment, Hatchling. But, then that begs the question, would Ben want or need to return once he left? Either Ben's desire to help the island, or Jacob's possible influence off the island, is the answer to that I suppose.

What you said Maven also brings up the possibility that Ben didn't even have a chance to decide whether or not to leave. All of a sudden 815 crashes and there is Jack. Maybe no decision was needed. Saved by the crash, just in time.