Friday, January 18, 2008

Did Locke Make a Case for Jack? For Sayid?

I don't want to go home, Kate. I want you to know I made a strong case for you. I told them you are a good person. Reliable. Smart. Honest. And then they told me who you were and what you had done. Let's just say forgiveness isn't one of their strong suits. -- John Locke, Episode 3.15, Left Behind

So Locke thought Kate had communion with the Island? Or did he just have needs as Sawyer once suggested? But the real thing I want to know is what they told him about Jack. How is Jack not a good person? I still haven't seen anything other than poor judgment in his pre-Island flashbacks; no murder of fathers for example. And what about Sayid? Well hopefully we'll find out soon about Basra and know along with Juliet the full scope of Sayid's unforgivable crimes.


Lost 2010 said...

The nutty part is that they're going to hold murdering her father against Kate, but they won't take Locke until he murders his? And we know they had Ben murder his dad.

You'd think they'd want to make Kate the Queen of the Island. She really seems to fit right in.

Hey! Maybe she's the Cobra. . .:)

Capcom said...

Exactly Lost2010!!! The contradictions and ambiguity in this show are really annoying to me now. I don't think that TPTB will ever be able to pull all these loose ends together in three seasons. I hope that they surprise us, but I just don't see how they can, they've built up too huge of a cache of questions at this point, to be solved in as few remaining episodes as they have allowed themselves. I hope that I can say that I was wrong, when it's all over.

I believe that most of the trails that they have strewn are going to end nowhere, a-la Abrams' "Magic Box" speech. If Abrams can keep an unopened box for 30 years, his art may/will reflect that philosophy I would suspect, and he might assume that it's just a much fun for us to not know, as it is for him. Sigh.

maven said...

Well, I guess it's only what you've done off-island that counts in your good/bad columns! Kate killed her father off-island...Locke killed his on-island! Wouldn't growing marijuana count as something bad? (For most of us! LOL)

Jack really hasn't done anything criminal...just made some bad choices. And, I think we will find out more about the off-island Sayid.

Lost 2010 said...

capcom - I blame the long hiatus. They gave me too much time to think about it.

Capcom said...

Yes, but it's a very good point Lost2010, why is it OK for Ben to kill his father, and to coax Locke into killing his father -- just because they were mean old creeps (and then OK for Locke to have killed Cooper, via Sawyer), but it's not OK for Kate to save herself and her mother from an abusive father/husband? You'd think that that would fall under Ben's dubious "good-guy" category, i.e., of ridding the world of a bad guy. Puh.

Unless Locke was referring to all the havoc she caused on her flight from the law, the bank thing, etc.

Lost 2010 said...

So, according to Ben it's okay to kill bad people, but not good people. You have to wonder what sort of moral compass would put Wayne in the 'good' category.

Or maybe it's more of Jacob's chauvinism. He surely seems to have it in for women to me.