Monday, January 14, 2008

How Is Jacob Magnificent?

In Par Avion Mikhail tries to explain to Kate, Sayid, Locke and Rousseau why he would not want to leave the Island and/or why he would want to return to the Island. He starts out:

The man who brought me here...who brought all of my people here... he's a magnificent man.

I assume he's talking about Jacob because he tells Kate she is not on the list right before he starts talking about this man. Of course, this being LOST, Kate then cuts him off, but not before Mikhail makes it clear that this magnificent man is NOT Ben. So what has Jacob done to earn this reverence? Juliet seems in awe of him as well in One of Them. This is a question I hope we learn more about sooner rather than later. I think it could clear up a lot of questions I have about the Others.


Melissa_Lossa said...

I think Jacob's identity and his power are going to be the lynch pin of the whole Others/Hostiles/Natives story. Who Jacob is and how he fits into the island society is going to make a lot of things fall into place.

The real question is - is Jacob really as powerful as everyone believes him to be, or is he just a mythical figurehead that Ben has created to justify his own power?

Trevor McFur said...

It's the mullet.

maven said...

I definitely hope that we get more of the Jacob story in the coming episodes. We do not have enough information now to make sense of anything. Either Jacob is the core of the LOST mythology or we'll come to learn that Ben has manufactured him somehow to control "his people" and be the leader his daddy always said he wasn't. Either Jacob is really magnificent or another con job by Ben.

Capcom said...

Also knowing Lost, Patchy could have been talking about Hanso (like Zeke presumably was) and then he immediately redirects into a conversation about Jacob's list, causing much more confusion in my head. :-(