Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bonus Post - Part 2
What I've Decided I Think
About Richard Malkin

Thanks for the comments on my earlier post about
Richard Malkin. After watching the episode Outlaws
and its encounter between Christian Shephard and
Sawyer I think I've come to a conclusion about Richard
Malkin. As Jay suggested, I think Richard Malkin was
working for Christian Shephard and getting Claire on
Flight 815 on that day was Christian's way of reuniting
with his daughter and future grandchild. Here's why.

I think in the first instance the encounter between
Malkin and Claire was as Capcom suggested a strange
situation where the fake psychic got a real sense of
something, and since he was no longer in control of
what was going on, he ended the meeting. Remember
that this encounter was two days after Claire took a
home pregnancy test to learn she was pregnant.

I think a week or so later Claire finally visited a doctor
who confirmed the pregnancy, and I think at this
point Christian was notified much as he was notified of
the wreck we saw in the Par Avion flashback. I also
think Claire probably told her aunt about her strange
encounter with the psychic and that Christian later
learned about the psychic from the aunt.

I'd guess that after Thomas left Claire, she told her aunt
who told Christian in an I-told-you-so sort of fashion, kind
of, "see you're daughter is just like her mother" thing, and
"what's more she's more likely to listen to some psychic
rather than me her bitchy aunt."

Now you might not think that Christian Shephard would
be the type of guy who'd deal with psychics. I think that
would definitely be true of Jack Shephard, but not Christian.
Christian is a guy who writes everything in his life (and
others' lives) off to FATE. I think he would view Claire's
interest in psychics and astrology as proof of his DNA in her.

So Christian somehow finds Malkin and tells him, if Claire
ever comes to you again make sure she doesn't give up the
baby, my grandchild. Christian probably promised a nice
payday to Malkin to insure this.

But Claire makes things difficult. She's certain that she can't
raise the baby on her own, so Christian comes to Australia to
try to meet with her though it takes him four days to get
enough courage from his bottle given their last encounter at
the mall. He's bought a ticket for her on his return flight,
Oceanic Flight 815 on September 22, 2004. Unable to get
the ticket to her himself, he gives it to Malkin who has
concocted the story of the couple in LA to get Claire on the
plane with her dad (and I guess Ana Lucia.) But before
Christian can board, he drinks himself to death and dies in
an alley.

I know, I know, it's pretty fantastic and relies on a lot of
speculation, but I think Christian had decided it was his
FATE to have a second family and this is how he was
going about accomplishing it.


capcom said...

Hey, I'm liking that a lot! Much of it could really fit into the empty spaces in the puzzle that TPTB have left open.

If only Christian had mentioned all this to Sawyer, we would know for sure! Haha. That would be a good way for Sawyer to give Jack a psychological punch in the gut, if he figures out who Jack's father was, and then says, "Oh by the way, she's your sister, nyaaaaah!". :o)

maven said...

And I like this speculation a lot because it would sort of explain Malkin's "about face" with telling Claire she should raise this child herself vs. go to LA and give the child up for adoption.

pgtbeauregard said...

Excellent theory Memphish!

It answers a whole lot of questions.

I don't think it's outlandish or out there either.

Amused2bHere said...

Having read both posts, I think your idea has a lot of merit. Very possible, and if it turns out to be right then we know that Damon and Carlton read your blog!

I really like Capcom's suggestion that Malkin was a fake until...but until what? I think it was until his daughter was resurrected on the autopsy table. I think she is the real psychic in the family, and perhaps he has her to thank for the sudden turn around about Claire and the baby.

But I think that would account for his original insistence on Claire raising Aaron herself. His subsequent insistence that she give Aaron to the family in Los Angeles is probably due to Christian's $16,000.

capcom said...

Hey, if Damelton puts this on LOST, remember we heard it here from Memphish first! :o)

memphish said...

Maybe this will come out in a certain other story that's supposed to come out in S4. I'm trying to be vague and non-spoilery, but allow those of you who know the spoiler to guess what I'm talking about it.

Jay said...

Actually I love the thought that Flight 815 was supposed to be Christian's flight as well. That would actually make a lot of sense.

Nice post!