Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Vibe Was Locke Channeling To

In Born to Run Walt seeks out Locke to tell him he
did not poison Michael to prevent them from leaving on the
raft. The conversation is straight forward and normal until
Locke reaches out and grasps Walt's arms in a gesture designed
to demonstrate their friendship and trust.

But that's not how Walt reacts to it. He pulls away and starts

Walt: Don't open it.
Locke: What'd you say?
Walt: Don't open it, Mr. Locke. Don't open that thing.
Locke: What? What thing? What are you...
Walt: Just don't open it.

On whose behalf is Walt delivering this message and
what was it about Locke's touching Walt that triggered
its delivery?


capcom said...

Good point Memphish. I have been very fuzzy on all of Walt's "messages", especially as to what you said...who is he speaking for if anyone?

And, why do his messages sometimes seem to contradict each other? Or at least each message's intent. I if he said to not open the hatch, was Desmond not supposed to get released from the hatch, as far as whomever was inspiring Walt is concerned? If indeed anyone was channeling thru Walt, and Walt was not just having a precognitive vision.

I'm really very confused and up in the air about all the Walt topics. I hope that TPTB go back to that soon and make some sense of it. Sometimes I fear that they are going to blow off the previous Walt weirdness and just let it hang. :-(

capcom said...

BTW Memphish, what do you think are the answers to your Qs about Waltie? I could use some help in that area. :-)

memphish said...

Trying to nail me down, huh Capcom? :)

My general feeling is Locke finding the Hatch and subsequently preventing Desmond from offing himself by banging on it led to course correction. I think Desmond was supposed to reach the end of his rope, read "Our Mutual Friend," and turn the key which he thought would kill him. Once Locke stopped that eveything that happened in Season 2 was course correcting to get back to that place where Desmond is forced to turn the key. I even think that Ben was a part of that course correction (I'm really starting to believe he's another Mrs. Hawking type) when he tried to talk Locke out of pushing the button. Also part of that is Eko's dream which led Locke to the Pearl which I argued earlier was where the Island was leading him in "Deus Ex Machina," but he was too hatch-focused to notice. Desmond's inability to escape the Island and the fact that he still had the key was also part of that course correction.

Which leads me back to Walt's message about not opening. I think that was an attempt to prevent the need for course correction. But for Locke, Desmond would probably have been back to "Our Mutual Friend" before much longer and would have turned the key on his own. The LOSTies getting into the Hatch just pushed back the timeline which begs the question what else changed because of that?

memphish said...

As for Ben being a Mrs. Hawking maybe that's why he so much wanted to prevent Jack making that call. He knew if Jack made the call the universe would have to course correct which as we discussed in the Do-Over post could lead to a worse outcome.

capcom said...

Hmmmm, that's very helpful!

And if Ben is a corrector, imagine if he tried to tell Jack the things that Mrs.H told Dez! Jack would have never believed it at all and would have made the call anyway of course. Because "it's complicated", heheh.

Amused2bHere said...

Walt just confuses me. More than the four-toed statue, I really hope Darlton addresses the mysteries surrounding Mike's little boy.

cool_freeze said...

Heres a whacked theory, but what-if Walt and Walt's mother are properties of the the smoke monster.

wow...I need some sleep.


cool_freeze said...

oh oh oh...if that would be even close to possible...that would mean the island's powers can extend outside of, well, the island.