Friday, August 17, 2007

Did The Island Pull A Long Con?

At the opening of Deus Ex Machina, the trebuchet
fails to open the hatch, but manages to launch a piece
of shrapnel into Locke's leg which Locke doesn't feel.
The implication to Locke is that the Island is
taking away what it gave him, his ability to
walk again. Locke then has his dream of the Nigerian
drug plane and bloody Boone and decides that finding
that plane will give him the answer of how to get into
the Swan, and that getting into the Swan is THE thing
the Island wants from him.

I'm wondering though if this was a faulty interpretation
by Locke. Maybe the Island or whatever force is communing
with Locke was trying to get him to give up on opening
the Swan. After all Island messanger boy Walt tells Locke
before he leaves on the raft not to open it.

Perhaps instead, the purpose of the dream was to lead
Locke here:

to the Pearl. After all, he's got to be practically sitting on
top of it at this point:

In the flashback, Locke is the victim of a long con
pulled by his dad to get his kidney. Locke's mom
even uses the same language Sawyer did in the episode
The Long Con. She tells Locke that giving Cooper the
kidney had to be his idea. It was a case of Locke reading
all the signals incorrectly. He thought giving his dad a
kidney would cement their relationship and bring him the
thing Locke had always wanted -- a dad. Instead it led to
great physical and worse, emotional pain.

I'm starting to think that opening the Swan, sacrificing
Boone in order to do it might well have been a case of
history repeating itself for Locke,

irregardles of the fact that the light did come on.

So has Locke been the victim of an Island con or just his
own delusions? Was leading Locke to the Swan a case of
course correcting or coincidence which he mistook for fate?

After all, finding the drug plane did NOT help Locke get into
the Swan. He only got into the Swan because Danielle
took him to the Black Rock to get the dynamite.


Lisa said...

Oh dear....what an analysis! Locke, I think, is one of the more difficult characters to pin down! I only had a few minutes to check in - def not enough to formulate ideas....but again, what a question!

capcom said...

Great points Memphish! Well, these are questions that have been bothering me for quite a while, and I have not come up with any resolutions to the quandries in my mind about them.

There are many contradictions, as you pointed out, and when I try to do the usual "column A and column B" analysis of pros and cons, they still come up even, with no solution for me!

My confusion about Walt's contradictory foretellings of opening the hatch and leaving the island, and Locke's purpose in opening the hatch as to whether or not he should, still have me stumped. Was opening the hatch good or bad for the Locke and the Losties? It was good for Desmond. And was it good or bad for the island?

One thing that does creep back into my mind often, is that Locke is being used again, by the island, or Jacob, or the time agents, or whomever. And if/when he finds out, he's really gonna blow a head gasket this time! I really look forward to reading what everyone else thinks about these things!

Amused2bHere said...

Whew! all caught up, finally.

Memphish, I love how your mind works. You really know how to dig into an episode.

This is one of those things, like Capcom said, that is a mind bender in logic. I'm convinced that it is something that we just don't have enough information to unravel yet.

Something is missing, some vital piece of info. I'm not sure yet, but I hope we get a crucial piece of the puzzle soon.

Keep checking, Memphish. I'm sure if it's there, you will find it first!