Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Who Scratched Ethan?

This is what Ethan looked like in Episode 1.15,
Homecoming, a face that looks like he ran
into a wildcat on his way to knock out Jin with
his slingshot and threaten Charlie. But how did
he get these scratches when last we saw him clearly
in Ep. 2.15, Maternity Leave, he looked like

I guess it was just the case that they were hedging
their bets back in Season 1 about how Claire escaped.
Claire did scratch someone, but it wasn't Ethan, it
was Rousseau.

But here's another question for you that relates back
to my earlier "Was Ethan Rogue" post. Why does Ethan
demand Claire's return and even kill poor Scott to
insure it only for the Others never to pay attention to
Claire and Aaron again? True love is being willing to
kill 40 people? And where are the rest of the Others
during all this, and why don't they do anything about
Ethan's death? Aaarrggghh those Others! Will I ever
understand them?


Lisa said...

Oh geeze, you are right, Claire scratched Danielle, not Ethan.... hmmmmmmm..... very good catch. As usual, I have no credible guesses... just find it a good question!

capcom said...

Wow I have to think about this, that's very curious.

But, is that Claire in the background of her own memory? That's pretty interesting, and something that I did not remember. I think that I'll have to check out that episode today.

Great observations and Qs Memphish!

memphish said...

Yes Capcom, that's Claire basically watching her own flashback. I guess it was something they were trying, that totally didn't work. I don't think they've ever done it again and they shouldn't.

Lisa said...

There is always the chance that she also scratched Ethan as well I suppose.

Maybe Alex scratched him.... maybe even Danielle herself. Juliette? Possibly refusing his advances?

memphish said...

All right Lisa, that comment elicited an "Ewwwwww" from me. :)

cool_freeze said...

:) eww. That scratch is really interesting.

I have NO clue. The questions roll on.


maven said...

Interesting catch, Memphish. We just watched this episode, too. Ethan sure looked pretty good in the Claire flashbacks, didn't he? And Claire definitely scratched Danielle..they made a point of mentioning that several times. I can't imagine it being Alex (who wouldn't want to give herself away). And it looks definitely like finger scratches...not a stray branch in the jungle. I guess it's just one of those Lost mysteries to add to our list!

Jay said...

I'm guessing it's just a makeup error here. Otherwise it's gotta be either Alex or Danielle.

And Claire watching her own flashback was just freaky. :)

Lisa said...

Ewwwww or "could" be a valid theory!

DeDJeZTeR said...

According to an interview that Ethan (forget real name) said that previous to him encountering Charlie and Claire in the woods, they filmed a unused scene in which he crosses the watch parimeter where Locke is and they get into a scuffle Locke not only scratches his face, but also stabs Ethan in the leg, which is why if you watch the scene where he walks up on Claire and Charlie he is also limping as if he suffered a wound.

He explained that this is also the reason why Jack kicked his butt so easily when they all cirlce in around him.


memphish said...

Ded, thanks for reminding me of that interview. The actor says Locke stabbed him, but doesn't mention the scratches which he has in his encounter with Charlie and Jin more than a day before the rainy ultimate fight.

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I've wondered a lot about this (mostly because I have no life) and I think it will be revealed that Ethan was punished for allowing Claire to get away, or perhaps for allowing his feelings to endanger the Others' mission. It's this, or Danielle just beat the crap out of him.