Monday, August 06, 2007

Should Locke "Wacky Paste" Jack
To End His Savior Complex?

In Hearts and Minds, Locke leads Boone on a vision quest
so that Boone can let go of Shannon and his need to rescue
her. Maybe Locke should have wacky pasted Jack whose
Savior Complex puts Boone's in the shade.

Hearts and Minds is an underappreciated episode I think.
Since both it's main characters are dead, it's easy to forget
this episode that came midway through Season 1. It's a
very enjoyable episode, though it certainly lacks the dramatic
tension that existed on its first viewing, but still a number
of things happen.

It's Jatey, if you're in to that. Hurley and his scenes with Jack,
Michael, and especially Jin are fabulous. "Pee on it man!" Sun's
garden is introduced. Kate learns Sun speaks Korean. Sawyer
crosses with Boone in Australia. And we learn that the Island
has something strange going on that affects compasses.

There was only one outstanding question I had following this
episode. Boone says that Shannon was married, but isn't now.
Who was Shannon married to and what happened and most of
all, does it matter?


capcom said...

Oh yes, I think that Jack could definitely use some good old fashioned LSD therapy to get him to confront his neurotic tendencies face to face and get over himself! :o) I still don't forgive Jack for being such a d*ck to Locke in the Swan, even before Locke got annoying and deserved it.

Oh, I forgot that about Shannon, or maybe I didn't catch it the first time around. I wonder who it is? Do we have any hints? She couldn't have gotten a very substantial allimony from the guy.

Lisa said...

Everything matters. (or at least it does in our own heads!)

Thoughts on who....which LOSTIE a sibling out there who might be an option? How about the deserting Thomas (father of Aaron)? The policeman in Locke's compound (sorry, I can't remember name)? The son of the woman Cooper was scamming when Locke intervened? Kates airplane man? One of her bank robbery accomplices, dead now...which would end a marriage...oooohhh I like that one... Kate killed Shannon's bank robbing hubby? (can you tell I stink with names and theories!?)

Just trying to toss a few potential connections out there, however absurd! I"m sure I'm missing many.

Lisa said...

Hey...maybe Locke HAS wacky pasted Jack...thus the beginning of his future addiction!!!

memphish said...

Capcom, I'm guessing Shannon's hubby was one of the guys Boone had to pay to go away instead of her getting alimony. Boone tells Brian (Shannon's FB guy) that he's the 3rd guy he's paid off.

I like you ideas to tie it back Lisa. Of your suggestions I too would vote for one of Kate's bank robbers. It would be right up Jason's alley to marry a girl he thought was rich for her money. After all, he learned from Kate. Shannon also mentions dating a sailor in a later episode, but I guess that was probably Brian in Australia. For a 20-year-old, Shannon got around.

Amused2bHere said...

yeah, I agree. Jack needs something to refocus him. Either wacky paste or a woman. Oh, Katie...

oh that's right. She's taken.