Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Is This a Case of the Universe
Course Correcting?

Michael has just told Susan he's coming to Amsterdam
for Walt and what happens? Bam! He's hit by a car
and taken out of comission for over a year. And during
that year Susan is able to get Michael to cede his
parental rights. As a result Walt travels the world and is
raised by his mother and his adoptive father Brian until
he's taken to Australia and eventually boards the doomed
Flight 815.

It's been noted that the car that hits Michael or one that
looks a lot like it has appeared repeatedly on LOST. Is
it being driven by Mrs. Hawking or someone like her to
insure that Walt and Michael end up on Flight 815 in
September of 2004?

And what about the polar bear's appearance? Did Walt
summon it like he appeared to summon the bird back in
Australia? Is this a case of things happening when Walt
is around that Brian hinted at? Did Walt "see" the polar
bear the way he "saw" throwing the knife into the tree
earlier in the episode? Or is this another case of course

Michael and Walt are very estranged in this episode. Walt
has no interest in Michael's raft project. He has nothing
but disdain for this come lately father of his, at least until
he's rescued from a polar bear. Is the universe insuring that
Walt allows Michael to be his father now and only now that
whatever needs to be in place is in place?

Or as the whispers suggest is the Island trying to grab Walt
now? Is the polar bear another version of Cerberus sent
to collect Walt?

And who has a Dharma logo shaped room in their house?
Susan and Brian and Walt did. Does this mean Susan or Brian
worked for Dharma? Mittelos? Naomi's people? Susan and
Brian did spend years in Europe where they may have
encountered or even worked for the Hanso Foundation.

According to TPTB there's something special about Special.
What do you think?


pgtbeauregard said...

Great commentary Memphish.

I never thought about Susan and Brian's time in Europe and how they could have been working for Dharma and or Hanso.

If Jacob has the power to heal people, he probably has the power to make them ill (as in Susan's case), thus getting Michael and Walt together at the time they so need.
Excellent theorizing.

cool_freeze said...

I'm not so sure Jacob has anything to do with it, but we don't know much about Jacob either.

I do like the Dharma logo pointout. The episode Special seemed so odd to me in whole. It seemed out of place.

Nice Thinking!


memphish said...

I'm not sure whether I think Jacob could make people sick or not either. Maybe he's the explanation for the sickness of Rousseau's team. It's certainly worth thinking about. Now Mrs. Hawking, I wouldn't put her past messing with Susan at all. That lady's just creepy.

Mattastic said...

I've thought that just about everyone on 815 knows or is related to a rumored Dharma employee, and I've theorized ever since this episode that Susan was Dharma (or Hanso, whatever you want to call it)

Michael/ Walt --> Susan
Jack --> Christian (still could be true)
Sayid --> Kelvin
Kate --> Her step-dad
Locke --> Anthony Cooper (c'mon he didn't just end up on the island because of the box. He was on the run for double-murder and was recruited onto the island by Alpert for an as yet undetermined reason)
Hurley --> Libby
Jin/Sun --> Sun's dad (it was confirmed in Sun's last flashback D.O.C. that her dad said Hanso in Korean)
Claire/Aaron --> her boyfriend, the father of Aaron
Charlie --> ?? His brother, Mrs. Hawking??
Boone/Shannon --> I've often wondered if Shannon was Dharma. She lured Boone to Australia.

Obviously, some of these connections are more plausible than others, and some I may be just plain wrong. And this exercise only works if you believe that the main survivors of 815 were pre-destined to be on the flight and eventually on the island. But it's fun none the less.

capcom said...

Great questions Memphish! Wow, I would love it if a course-corrector was driving the mystery car. I also find it very plausible that they could have gotten to the psychics as well, both Claire's and Rose's, to bend their fates towards the island.

capcom said...

P.S. Do we think that the course-correctors or time-agents are fighting against or with Dharma? I think this would be a very important element to understand, in trying to comprehend just who the "bad guys" are, and how the Others/DI and the time-agents fall in line with the impending visitors/rescuers to the island.

memphish said...

Yes Capcom, that certainly would help our understanding. It's my feeling that Mrs. Hawking is an agent of DI/Widmore and opposed to the Hostiles. I still think that the Hostiles didn't understand the Swan and Kelvin was true DI, not a Hostile.

As for other time-agents, I'm just not sure. Locke's vision of Walt intended him to prevent the impending visitors from finding the Island, but is the vision of Walt actually Walt? Beats me.

maven said...

Since I'm rewatching all the episodes with hubby this summer, more and more it looks like our Losties were manipulated to getting on Flight 815. That conclusion would lead to the possibility that people interacting with the Losties could be Dharma/Mittelos/Paik/Widmore related. As Locke says: "Everything happens for a reason.

Keep up the great work, Memphis.

pgtbeauregard said...

Just to clarify my comment about Jacob - I have a crackpot theory that everything has to do with Jacob, and he is playing both sides off the middle.

I think he has the supernatural power and ability to cause things that we don't understand. DI/Widmore/Hanso and the Hostiles all benefit from this.

Just a wacko theory, and thus the reference to him in my earlier post.

memphish said...

PGTB, be sure and read Jeff Jensen's article at EW.com today about his ideas with Jacob as they relate to the movie The Fly. I like them. It's really hard to guess where TPTB might go next with Jacob. At this point we know so little they could go anyway.