Thursday, August 09, 2007

Smoke(y)d Pig?

Outlaws is an unusual episode. It opens
with Sawyer dreaming about what happened when his
father shot his mother and then himself all while
little Sawyer hid under the bed. When Sawyer
wakes on the Island, there's a boar in his tent
rummaging through his things and later running off
with his tarp. When Sawyer chases the big pig, he finds
himself in a clearing with The Whispers all around him.

When Sawyer and Kate are camping in the jungle on the
trail of the pig, Sawyer again dreams of that moment in
his childhood and when he wakes up, again a boar has
rifled his things and even peed on his shirt. So what is
going on here? Is Smokey drawing Sawyer out as he
might have led Jack as Christian to find the caves or
Eko as Yemmi to his death?

The thing this more reminds me of is Locke's dream in
Deus Ex Machina that leads Locke and Boone to the
Nigerian drug plane. Did Sawyer's dream lead to the
manifestation of the boar? Did Locke's dream produce
the plane? And while you're figuring that out, which came
first, the chicken or the egg?

And how does Sawyer's underlying guilt of being used by
Hibbs play into this? Sawyer thought he was getting his
revenge when he shot Duckett, but learned he was wrong.
He didn't take his revenge on the boar, but he ultimately
takes his revenge on the real Sawyer. So did it all come
back around?


Jay said...

This was probably the oddest Whispers episode and I don't think we'll get a full answer to your queries until we find out what they really are.

The boar was something you could totally chalk up to coincidence. Sawyer does seem to have a tendency to think certain animals have it out for him (see: Frog, Tree). But you could certainly make a case that the boar was being controlled by something or someone, with Smokey being a great possibility.

Maybe Smokey was testing Sawyer, seeing if, unlike Eko, he was really sorry for killing Duckett. Sawyer showed that he was. I wonder what would have happened if he had shot the boar? And, regardless, I wonder what Smokey thinks of him now that he took his revenge on Cooper?

cool_freeze said...

Which came first?

If time has anything to do with it, the island could be the starting point and the end point. Similar to Mrs. Hawkings pin.

Again I say, Redemption Island.

capcom said...

Oooo, I like both of these thoughts.

On a not-so-esoteric level, I once thought that the boar was getting revenge on Sawyer for taking it out on the pigs when they were rummaging thru the plane wreckage for food. Did he shoot at them or something? :o)

memphish said...

I don't think Sawyer has ever been directly responsible for the death of a boar on the Island, though I'm sure he ate plenty of it, and he cooked up a mean one this Season after Desmond shot it. In the fuselage, he just shined his big flashlight on them.