Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sayid--The Only One With
Flashbacks Left?

There still seem to be some significant gaps in
the back story of Sayid Jarrah. But he may be the
only original character you could say that of. For

Sayid's father was a war hero, but we've never seen
him. Does Sayid have daddy issues like everyone else?

Where did Sayid learn to speak English? At Cairo
University? What did he major in there and did he
finish his degree?

He didn't leave Iraq until 1997, why did he leave?

What was Sayid doing in London when the CIA and
ASIS agent picked him up and took him to Sydney?

Why did Sayid tell Danielle that Nadia was dead? And
speaking of Nadia, is the medical testing company in
Irvine that she works for Mittelos Bioscience?


Jay said...

Pretty much agreed. You could also include whatever happened in Basra in your list (Juliet threw the incident in his face in "One of Us").

I'd also like to know what Sawyer's "Tampa Job" was. But that's pretty much it for the original cast.

capcom said...

Yes, we need to know a little more about Sayid, some things are still unclear. Heh, as if "unclear" was an umcommon thing on this show. :-)

I would also like to know a little more about Cindy, and Juliet, and a LOT more about Rousseau and Libby.

maven said...

Yes, it seems the only one of the major Losties with big gaps is Sayid. Going along with him, would be Nadia and how she ended in that alley being mugged and saved by Charlie.

Now we need more Others/Hostiles back stories!

Ange said...

You know, until right now, I never even really gave Sayid's father a thought. I think that yes, he probably does have father issues of some kind.

I really can't wait to learn more about Sayid actually...he's my favorite;).