Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Kate Post For A While --

Some other questions came up for me rewatching
Born to Run.

Kate claims to have spent 2 summers crewing J/Boats.
True or just blowing smoke up Michael's, well, you know?

Kate had to have had the keys to the Marshal's cuffs
on Island during the Pilot. She only removes one cuff in
her airplane flashback, and when we first see her in The
Pilot she's rubbing her wrist. Why didn't she give the
key to someone to remove that cuff from poor Jin's wrist?

When oh when oh when can we get tough chick Kate back?
I guess once they added Ana Lucia and then Juliet, they
decided to make Kate softer/weaker, but I really, really
wish they'd give us Season 1 Kate back.

What's with Kate's righteous indignation when Jack asks
her if she poisoned Michael? Of course she's capable of
it, she's the one who suggested it to Sun, and a mere
episode earlier, she drugged Jack, not to mention that
pesky murder thing.

A couple of observations -- Kate and Tom dig up a time
capsule in the flashback. That's basically what Locke and
Boone have dug up in the jungle.

Sun tells Kate she didn't tell Jack it was Kate's suggestion
to drug Jin because Kate shouldn't be punished for trying
to help Sun. That's exactly the thing Kate's been hoping
her mother would tell her since she blew up Wayne.


capcom said...

That's such a great cap of Kate Memphish. And excellent questions as well. Let's not forget that Kate slipped her hubby a "mickey" too. The nerve. :-)

Unless TPTB have merely lost track of the character for a while, maybe the tough Kate is not the real Kate? Maybe that's the person she tries and pretends to be, but she's really a mush? Or maybe, as I like to say, like a roasted marshmellow: burnt and crusty on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside.

Whatever she really is, I agree that she needs to get herself together already. It's as if she needs to take some time alone offsides for a bit, to assess herself and then dig in and step up to living in life a productive way. Albeit with all the craziness going on now, but she's got to start some time and Season 4 would be a great time to do it! :-)

Amused2bHere said...

I agree! Bring back season 1 Kate. I'm sure the Lost world can handle more than one strong woman at a time (unfortunately the critics will cry "Xena" if there are too many strong women types at one time).