Monday, August 27, 2007

What Broke Up Tom and Kate?

Listening to a young Tom Brennan describe his future life
with Kate Austen brings tears to my eyes. He knows they'll
be together when it's time to dig up the time capsule
because they'll be married and have nine kids. But something
or someone intervened and it's only because Kate needs Tom's
help and doesn't mind that she doesn't play fair that they
ever get the chance to dig up the capsule and retrieve the
toy plane and the rest of their memories.

Capcom has a great post on her blog about Do-Overs
and seeing Kate and Tom in Born to Run made me wonder
if Kate has ever wished she could get her do-over all the way
back to where she was with Tom. I used to think Kate saw Jack
as her chance of getting that do-over. But judging from
Through The Looking Glass as well as the choices Kate
made througout Season 3, a do-over with Tom wasn't in her
cards or perhaps even in her fantasies.


capcom said...

Thanks for the shoutout Memphish!

Who knows, maybe TPTB have in mind that Kate was actually just as self-centric back then as she is in the present. Or, it could be that whatever did happen to end "Kom" or "Tate" (in shipperese) was the kind of thing that that would break a young person into becoming what Kate, as we know her, is.

I'll bet that if TPTB give her a past re-do via some kind of time warp, she would take the high road this time and not murder. Maybe Tom is who Kate is talking about when she tells Jack about the "He" who is waiting for her? I don't think that, but am just saying.

takes a village said...

I wish Kate the very best in another life.I hope TPTB give her a happy ending.I am pulling for her.
Memphish you have excellent taste in screencaps.Awesome photos.

Amused2bHere said...

I think Kate ran away from home, leaving Tom and his future. Why she ran, who knows, but I think Kate's choice to run started early. And Tom took another path, went to med school, etc.

But you never forget your first love, eh?

Ange said...

I think that a lot of what we saw from Kate in season 3 shows us just how emotionally drawn she continues to be. That said, I do think that she loved(s) Jack, and Sawyer both.

I also think that she ran from Tom because she though she was not worthy of a "real" life.

I'm not sure she really wants a do-over. She still wouldn't be happy until she could find a way to take a step back, reinvent herself, screw her head on a little straighter and be happy being Kate.