Friday, August 03, 2007

Why Isn't Future Kate

Behind Bars?

If all Kate had done was blow up Wayne, maybe
future Kate would be able to beat that wrap, but
that's not all we've seen Kate do. In running from
the police she was responsible for Tom's death.
That should lead to a felony murder charge. And
then she robbed a bank, another federal crime.
And then she shot three people when she robbed
that bank. Yes, you can charge people for shooting
their accomplices.

So what's your future Kate theories? Is she
using an assumed name? Jack's not. Why wouldn't
someone, her dad Sam for example, have recognized
her upon her return? Are there 2 of her?

It makes me think that very powerful people arranged
for Jack and Kate's return. It also makes me think
that someone other than Jack and Kate got off the Island
because why would Jack be a hero if the only person he
saved from the crash of Flight 815 was himself?


capcom said...

Memphish, you make a point that I did not think of when considering Fenris' question last season of why the Marshall is hunting Kate down so hard. It's true, she doesn't only have one felony on her head, she's got multiple crimes piled up and the longer she stays on the run, the longer her "rap sheet" seems to get.

As for why she is able to drive around at will in Jack's future, I have no clue, and can't wait to find out!

pgtbeauregard said...


you're right, not only was she driving, but a nice car at that. Makes one wonder if Widmore is behind the rescue on the island.

He would certainly have the power to see that she's not put away (though I wonder why he would care)

capcom said...

Wow, PGT, what if Kate makes a secret deal with the "rescuers" (Widmore or whomever) while getting off the island?! And future-Jack has no idea. That could be why she doesn't care beans about getting back.

pgtbeauregard said...

That really makes sense. Kate has always put herself and her own needs first. She certainly doesn't want to go to jail

memphish said...

The script pages from the rattlesnake scene imply that Kate or whoever she's pretending to be is not on the run because Jack says they gave the gold tickets "to us." I still can't figure out why. At a minimum her dad would recognize her from any publicity their return would have garnered (and you would think it garnered a lot) and he's already turned her in once.

I guess one possibility with these gold tickets is not that Oceanic gave them to Jack and Kate, but that some rich person/company bought them in return from Jack and Kate's co-operation/silence. But that still doesn't jive with the fact that people in the hospital and Sarah obviously know who Jack is and would have known he was on a plane that crashed and was missing 3+ months.

Good news -- only 6 more months until February!

capcom said...

Well you're right about that Memphish. That golden ticket thing, and her apparent get-out-of-jail-free-card is very curious without more info. Darn TPTB!!! :o) They sure are masters of spinning confusion!

Yessifer said...

I think the few survivors that got off the island were told to keep quiet. The tickets, the get out of jail card, etc. Who would believe them anyways.