Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Was Naomi Flying Because of
Michael and Walt?

In Born to Run Michael and Walt have the following

Walt: When we get rescued we're going to come back for
everybody else, right?
Michael: Yeah, sure, of course. The thing is... this island...
uh, is uh... finding it again might be hard.
Walt: Can't we fly around and look for it?
Michael: Absolutely, but there's no guarantees.

So my question is, was Naomi flying around looking because
of Michael and Walt? Now I don't mean to suggest that
Michael found Hurley's millions and put this operation into
place, but I won't be surprised to find that Michael and
Walt are sitting on a certain freighter and giving the
people on it information to help pinpoint its location just
like Michael told Waaaaalllllttttt.


maven said...

Makes perfect sense to me! Michael and Walt could have been drifting aimlessly and would have been picked up by the freighter. The freighter people could be conning them into helping them find the island thinking a rescue will come to the rest of the Losties they left behind.

capcom said...

This is very plausible to me as well and would make a great development in the story! Michael could be trying to redeem himself, and perhaps taking responsibility for, what he did on the island by at least getting everyone else saved before he goes to jail for what he did to get Walt back. It would also fit into him being (if it's the case) in the casket. Even if he does get them rescued, he might not be able to live with what he did and then he kills himself. Jack feels for him and goes to the funeral, because Mike at least came back for them. But Kate (or anyone else) still can't stand him, no matter what, so that could be why she said what she did to Jack.

Good thinking Memphish! :-)

memphish said...

Walt's line about flying around to look for the Island really stood out to me.

I also wonder what Michael and Walt's conversation was like on the boat pulling away from the pier with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley tied up and kneeling like they might be executed.

Walt: Dad what's going to happen to our friends?
Michael: That man said they wouldn't be hurt.
Walt: That man lies all the time. I tried to tell you that in the hut. They're faking. They're all liars.

Walt having to live with the idea that Michael traded the lives of others for his could also explain why Walt wouldn't be at Michael's funeral assuming Michael is in the casket.

pgtbeauregard said...

Hey Memphish and all,

I've been lurking and loving all your great comments.

This is a really good theory about Michael, especially since they're bringing him back for season 4.

Since he and Walt sailed away as the sky turned purple, maybe they got out of the warp or whatever keeps people in, and met up with Naomi's ship.

Amused2bHere said...

You have to wonder what Walt told Michael when they got a bit away from the Island.

And I wonder what Michael told Walt about his escapdes as well...

If Michael is in the casket maybe that's why Walt did not go to the funeral home. He's mad at Michael for being a murderer and lying ratfink.