Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where Did Jack Learn to Shoot?

In Episode 1.15, Homecoming Ethan threatens
to kill our LOSTies one by one unless Charlie brings
him Claire. Kate of course wants to get out the guns
and go after him, but the ever cautious Dr. Shephard

I am not putting guns in untrained hands.

But after Scott's death everything changes. Jack shows
Locke he has the guns and says: I'm guessing you know
how to handle one of these?
. Locke takes out the clip
and puts it back which signals to the TV viewers that yes,
yes he does know how to handle one of these, and we know
his dad taught him how to shoot as well. Later Charlie
wants to come with them, but Jack refuses on the grounds
Charlie does not know how to use a gun. Instead Jack
chooses to take Sayid, a soldier and Sawyer, who took
6 or 8 shots to take down the polar bear and was unable
to successfully kill the Marshal.

But here's the thing -- who taught Jack how to handle
weapons? Now if he was like my doctor husband, born and
raised in Tennessee, I would know the answer to that
question. After all, my 8-year-old just got a BB gun for
his birthday. But Jack's from Los Angeles, and his dad
was a workaholic, so where did Jack learn to shoot and not
just handguns, but hunting guns as well?


cool_freeze said...

truthfully I am more concerned about Locke and his wacky paste. Where DID LOCKE learn to make that?!

I think Jack has more secrets to be revealed.

memphish said...

I assume Locke learned to make Wacky Paste and glue from the hippie pot commune, or maybe Sun with her insane amount of plant knowledge for an art history major taught him. :)

capcom said...

Right, didn't he tell Bai Ling that his dad didn't even teach him how to fly a kite?

Ugh, that quote from Jack was one of the first times that he made me cringe and think, "This guy is such a dill-weed!" I would respect him more if he had said, "WE can't be putting...."

My guess is, Jack being Jack, it would be OK for him to put a gun into his own untrained hands, but not anyone else's. Hmm, I've really got to get over this Jack dislike that I have. :-)

pgtbeauregard said...


I think your right about Jack's thinking it's okay for him to have a gun (trained or not).

Jay said...

Well, as far as Jack being untrained, he DID make a pretty spiffy shot when he and Kate were caught in the not-so-metaphorical net. So it does seem he learned how to shoot.

My guess: He also went hunting with his dad. An alcoholic. Whom he continually argued with. Just the two of them. Yeah, that's the ticket.

memphish said...

So Jay's theory is Christian taught Jack to drink and shoot, but not to fly/assemble a kite or hammer (conversation with Juliet at LOSTies camp). :)

Maybe Anthony Cooper taught Jack to shoot like he did Locke in exchange for performing the kidney transplant?

Lisa said...

Capcom, tell us how you really feel about Jack? Seriously, don't hold back so much! ;-)

Jay- great observation about him shooting the rope when he and Kate were in the net. He's got skill from somewhere.... and while I won't buy into Jack and his dad together in the great outdoors (scary scenario, I agree!) Someone apparently taught him.... and Memphish, you took the A. Coop guess right out of my typing little fingers.... wonder if it is kidney transplant trade as you suggest, or if there's another layer/connection... hmmmmm

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Sorry, that delete was me.... click happy posted twice!

Jay said...

Another thought: Maybe Jack learned to shoot so he could hunt down his tattoo artist and force her to tell him what the heck they really mean.

I'm sure this will become a critically acclaimed 4th season episode. During sweeps.

capcom said...

Hmmmm, Memphish and that why TPTB had Jack play with Ben's kidney in particular? To put that organ in our heads to connect the dots?

I know, sorry, I used to like Jack so much when he seemed stoic and kind. :-}