Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Did These People

Build This?

Remember the bridge over the gorge in Numbers?
I didn't. By my count Charlie spent life #4 on it.
But who built it? Rousseau's people only had a few
weeks on the Island before she killed them, and
Rousseau says in the episode it took them weeks to
find the radio tower, so I doubt they also built this
project. So was it the Hostiles? Black Rock survivors?
It doesn't look like Dharma's handiwork.

Any other guesses?


Lisa said...

Geeze you pull out some good questions. I'm so glad to get to visit here in my time off! Its become an enjoyable indulgence! Thanks!

Two theories: it's built by Ben's crew for the same unknown reason they wear those costumes or its built by the original group of Alperts people as he appeared to Ben as a child.

Now, did I just give the reason that Ben's crew dresses up? To masquerade as the original Alpert posse? or did I just bring up the question, was Alpert playing dress up when he originally appeared to Ben as a kid.

Geeze.... but that's what I think of the bridge. Unless you really go back to the Magnus Hanso days and we're talking an original colony of people now gone (or now Alperts original crew).

Jay said...

My guess is the same people who built the "Temple" - whatever that is. :)

capcom said...

Good question! Unfortunately I'm on the fence for two options as well. I vote for either the aboriginals or the Black Rock survivors maybe. It looks to be too primitive for the Hanso-unlimited-funded Dharmas to have built. There probably would have been some more modern materials involved, e.g. metals and/or plastics as in the stations, if it were DI built.

Lisa said...

I still wouldn't put it past any of these more modern day camps (I like the Hanso Unlimited!) to have built it for a decoy/cover for whatever reason.... even when more technologically sound methods/materials were available.

I do keep forgetting about the temple/foot civilization thought... so Jay, that might work too!

maven said...

I think that the bridge was built by the people who are associated with the Temple and the 4-toed foot. Dharma people would have used more modern material. Makes me wonder if the huts where Michael was taken was built by the same people and used by Ben's people.

memphish said...

Good connection to Yurt Village Maven. I think the builders are associated with Alpert and his merry band of whisperers rather than the 4-toed statue, the temple or the slay-your-dad pole. It seems to me architecturally to be a giant step backward like from the end of the Romans empire until the Renaissance. Did Huns destroy the 4-toed people?

capcom said...

Great question Memphish, now I am going to look up ancient bridge architecture, heheh! I just have to know!