Friday, August 10, 2007

Outstanding Questions from Outlaws

There are a few loose ends left over after Outlaws:

1. Will we ever find out what happened between Sawyer
and Hibbs in the Tampa job? (Do we care?)

2. Hibbs says that he and Sawyer both know Sawyer's not
not the killing type, so why con Sawyer into killing
Duckett? Seems like Hibbs would know an actual killer
that could have handled the job. This reminds me of
Jin's mis-delivered message to the government official
that led to Sun getting a dog.

3. If Smokey is at work in this episode, when would it
have had an opportunity to scan Sawyer? My answer --
Vincent is Smokey.

4. What did Kate do between high school and killing Wayne
since she wasn't in college?

5. Why did they change Sawyer's hometown between this
episode and The Brig? Sawyer tells Duckett he's from
Tennessee like that would mean something to the real
Sawyer, but now he's from Jasper, Alabama. I'm willing
to take a job doing continuity if TPTB need it. Here's
a nutty idea. Maybe Desmond traveling back in time
changed it.


cool_freeze said...

HAH! I have thought that Vincent is Smokey for a long time now. Well, actually, Smokey is Vincent.

Tell me though, how would Desmond going back in time, change Sawyer's hometown? Of course anything is possible, but where would the change come in?


memphish said...

CF, I'm not sure how Desmond going back in time would change Sawyer's hometown, but so far, Desmond is our only confirmed time traveler/past changer. I like those theories that people heard the name Desmond in the background of little Charlie's swimming flashback and the idea that Desmond's course correcting isn't just affecting the future, but also the past. I'm just extrapolating in this instance because otherwise, why change this detail?

At first I wrote it off to Sawyer moving after his parents' deaths, but rewatching Outlaws, Sawyer stresses to Duckett that he's from Tenn. Why would he do that if that wasn't where the real Sawyer had wreaked his havoc?

Of course, continuity error or a shoutout to a friend in Jasper, AL is the more likely answer to the question. But they really need to stop messing these kind of things up.

pgtbeauregard said...

I remember from an episode that the postmark on the envelope that Sawyer carried was Knoxville, TN.

That's how Kate figured out that Sawyer was the one who wrote the letter,.

Don't know if this helps any.

memphish said...

That's the thing. Since that envelope all the way back in Episode 1.8, Confidence Man I always thought Sawyer was from Tenn. and then in Episode 1.16 Outlaws he says he's from Tenn. but in Episode 3.19 The Brig he says it was in Jasper, Alabama (which is just north of Birmingham and NOT on the Tenn. border) that the real Sawyer ran his con on the Ford family. Why change this? Clue or screw up? That's the basic question.

And if screw up, can I please have the job to prevent future ones? :D

pgtbeauregard said...

TPTB really need to hire you for continuity!
I bet it's just an oversite. The writers probably goofed up.

Lisa said...

Hmmmmm. Always like your questions. How about though, just Sawyer's own re-inventing himself after his parent's death/murder. Come to think of it, what DID our little Sawyer do after his parent's deaths...where did he go? foster care? family? Has he said? If he has, is there more than what he has said?

And along those lines...good question about Kate's unaccounted for time.

capcom said...

Maybe the Ford family was based in Knoxville, got mixed up with the Cooper scam in Bama, and then Dad took his family back to Knox in defeat to shoot himself and family? Or maybe orphaned Sawyer grew up in Knox without his family?

Lost 2010 said...

On the other hand, Jasper, Tennesee is very near the Alabama border.